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Launch Your Clean Beauty Product in 12 Weeks With Amy Galper

We wanted to introduce you to our friend Amy Galper and her Clean Beauty Launch Accelerator program.

Clean Beauty is our thing so we were thrilled to connect with Amy. She is the founder of the first Aromatherapy School in NYC, the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, has been a Certified Aromatherapist since 2001, as well as a passionate advocate, entrepreneur, formulator and consultant in clean beauty and wellness. She co-authored best selling natural beauty book Plant Powered Beauty, published by BenBella Books and endorsed by beauty industry visionary Bobbi Brown, Credo Beauty’s Annie Jackson, Sophie Uliano and Tata Harper.

Amy is a member of Credo Beauty’s Clean Beauty Council, celebrating, advocating and educating for Clean Beauty and Wellness, along with other influencers and thought leaders in the field. Her second book, Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy is available on Amazon and is fast becoming a new best seller.

In The Clean Beauty Accelerator Amy gives you the exact same system that she has been using for the past 10+ years when she worked 1:1 with clients as a Product Developer. Her system prepares you to launch your clean beauty product(s) within 12 weeks. This system is easily repeatable, and can be used again and again whenever you are launching new products. By following these exact steps, you will save thousands of dollars avoiding mistakes, and accelerate your time to market by 50%.

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What is the Clean Beauty Product Launch Accelerator?

The Clean Beauty Product Launch Accelerator shows you HOW TO: (Value of the system is $50,000)

  • Define and articulate your Niche so you can stand out against competitors, and stand up for your mission and values while inspiring others with your unique Founder Story. 
  • Find your Ideal Customers so you can make products that they beg to buy, while building a fanbase that creates demand. 
  • Do The Market Research so you have a confident and educated understanding of how to position your products in the market by diving deep to unpack other brand’s products, ingredients, packaging, pricing and distribution. 
  • Execute Professional Product Briefs so you are ready to submit to a chemist and contract manufacturer. 
  • Draft Your Formulations so you can save time and money when working with a chemist. Amy actually will do this part FOR YOU!
  • Vet Chemists and Contract Manufacturers so you aren’t bullied or tricked into losing the ownership of your formulations. Plus, Amy will personally introduce you to some of the best clean beauty chemists in the country. Ology Essentials Labs feels incredibly blessed to be among this list. 
  • Strategize Your Branding by introducing you to leading beauty branding consultants.
  • Strategize Your Marketing and Distribution by sharing content calendars, best platforms, apps and digital tools to run your business. Plus introductions to digital marketers.
  • Navigate Regulatory and Compliance so that all of your documents and paperwork for each ingredient you use, and each product you sell, are properly in order – whether you are manufacturing it yourself at your home studio or working with a contract manufacturer.

Plus you’ll:

  • Get lifetime access to all call recordings and online materials.
  • Get 2  1:1 calls with me to review your formulas and briefs, and any else. 
  • Get an additional 6 weeks of extra email, messaging support after your customized 12 weeks period ends.
  • Get an option to continue working with me for the remaining weeks in the year to ensure your products launch without a hitch.

What’s expected from YOU:

You will not get results if you don’t put in the work. Think of Amy and the other members as your accountability partners – making sure you follow through on each task, so your dream of selling your clean beauty products can actually happen. Amy will give you everything she knows, and every opportunity for support and guidance. 

How it works

Admission is rolling, meaning anyone can join the group at any time. Once you enroll,  schedule an onboarding call so Amy can map out our goals and deliverables for the next 12 weeks, and customize your personal plan for working through the 12 weeks of material.  After your initial onboarding call, you will get instant access to the online portal where pre-recorded videos, past interviews and recordings of live stream sessions, and all the guides, templates and worksheets are accessible.

There will be weekly group calls, where I will share strategies, review your submissions – and where you can ask questions.

We will use a group messaging platform, like Slack or Voxer, to communicate in between calls, and share google documents and spreadsheets. This way our conversations and shared documents can be all easily found in one place, easily searchable and accessible.

This is not a course. Amy is delivering her “done for you” service as a “Product Developer” at cost, in a group setting, by showing you everything she knows as a Formulator, Clean Beauty Expert, Advisor, while introducing you to her network, which has taken her 20+ years to cultivate, and giving you a step by step plan that will have you successfully launching your products. That is PRICELESS! 

If you are just getting started or stuck somewhere in the process we recommend checking out the Clean Beauty Accelerator.

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