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Developing Custom Skincare Products with Ology Essentials Labs

Let’s delve into what it looks like to hire us as your custom skincare formulator!

At Ology Essentials labs we believe firmly that YOU are the key ingredient to your brand. What you love, your vision, and your input are vital in the process of creating a custom line for you. When you come to Ology Essentials Labs you can show up with as little as an idea or with a totally finished formula and everything in between. We are here to be your blood and sweat while you focus on the passion and marketing behind your business. 

But first…Meet our Skincare Formulator – Kayla Fioravanti!

Kayla has been a leading expert in the natural cosmetics industry as a cosmetic formulator for over two decades! In 1998, Kayla co-founded Essential Wholesale (Now Essential+Labs) – one of the first all natural cosmetics/ingredients companies. She sold this company many moons ago, but her passion for this industry never wavered. This is why she started Ology Essentials the day her noncompete ended.

She is passionate about aromatherapy and formulating luxurious skincare products – seriously, she is always in the lab playing, innovating and researching the new trends, we can’t get her to stop creating! 😉 Needless to say, you are in really good hands. So let’s get into what it’s like to work with us!

Image of our Chief Formulator, Kayla Fioravanit, in our lab.

The Consultation

As we said, you can come to us with something as simple as an idea, but it does help to have a few things prepared for the consultation…

  • Identify your Target CustomerYou are the best advocate for your customer during the consultation process with us. We take guidance from you to help us better design your product line.
  • Determine Your Star Ingredients – It’s always good to know what ingredients you are loving right now and what’s on trend that you want to feature in your product/line that way we have a good base. We do have decades of experience to help guide you through the ingredient selection process, so if you are starting completely from scratch, that is okay!
  • Sharing Your Formula – If you are coming to us with a formula that needs a little extra love, have your formula ready for us to take a peek at – have a list of what you’re currently struggling with and list your goals for your formula. Don’t worry, we sign NDA’s!
  • Skincare Product Inspiration – If you are in love with certain product on the market, let us know! Of course, we want to create something new and fresh and just for you, but this a great guide for us to get a little closer to your dream product.

The Formulation Process

Now that we have learned your hopes and dreams for your product or product line, it’s time to get in the lab!

Every single ingredient is mindfully chosen. When formulating, our goal is to develop the cleanest delivery system for the active “star” ingredients whether the product is for the face, body, or the bath. We choose ingredients that lean heavily on aromatherapy, herbal and mushroom medicine and vitamins. We love to create synergy by combining all of the different modalities of healing. Our goal is always to balance efficacy and skin safety.

Your standards are at the forefront of Kayla’s formulation process. During the sample phase formulations are adjusted according to your feedback. When the formula is done it will be used only for you, but you will have the option to purchase the methodology and formulas if you desire. 

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality control measures start in the R&D phase all the way through production. We are always micro-testing our creations. Every product has different needs, and we will  guide you to ensure your product is in the right packaging for the stability of your product. 

We follow cGMP to ensure safety, effectiveness, and product integrity.

Manufacture, Package & Launch!

Once the formula is complete, you are almost ready to launch!

You will need to decide if you want to purchase from us in bulk or if you want us to bottle and label for you. As far as packaging goes, we carry standard amber bottles and jars in house, but can work and guide you towards more custom options if that is what you envision for your brand. We also offer in-house label printing for small orders. How convenient are we?! 😉

Below are our MOQ’s:

  • Bulk MOQ: 5 Gallon Pail
  • Bottling MOQ: 50 Units per Sku

Click HERE if you’re ready to purchase your custom formulation hours and to learn more about the service.

Let’s start working on your dream custom skincare product today!

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