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Create Your Dream Clean Beauty Line With Us!

Ology Essentials Labs offers low minimum contract manufacturing services for clean beauty products of all kinds. Our customers have the opportunity to shop our Ready-To-Label products and Bulk Bases or work with our Exclusive Formulation Team on a unique-to-you product or product line.

Our Chief Formulator, Kayla Fioravanti, has been in the natural cosmetic industry since 1998 and has created formulas for small businesses and big name brands, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Let us create the perfect formula to fit your needs!

Custom Formulation

Customers will work closely with our Chief Formulator, Kayla Fioravanti, and our Formulation Team to utilize their formulation expertise to create a new formula or make small changes to an existing formula.

Formulation Definitions

Custom Formulation – customer works with our Exclusive Formulation Team to create new formulation(s) based on customer’s vision.

Semi-Custom Formulation – making approved small changes to Ology Essentials Labs’ existing formula(s) to personalize the product for the customer’s vision. When applicable, this may include swapping out the carrier oils, essential oils, extracts, and some specialized ingredients. 

Reformulation – making approved small changes to existing formula(s) provided by the customer that do not require Ology Essentials Labs to utilize proprietary formulation methods. Such as, but not limited to, Ology Essentials Labs’ cutting edge emulsification and preservative systems, to enhance the customer’s existing formula.  This allows ownership of formulation to stay with the customer due to the simplicity of the reformulation. Significant changes that utilize Ology Essentials Labs proprietary information would become a Custom Formulation.

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Contract Manufacturing Services

Ready-To-Label: Customers can shop our Ready-To-Label product offering HERE. It’s as easy as “add to cart!” If you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out for the full catalog.

Private Label: Customer works with our Exclusive Formulation Team to create new formulation based off customers’ needs and wants. Customer has a say in all aspects of this process – ingredients, packaging, labels, etc. OR customer hires us to manufacture their formula.


We offer low minimum contract manufacturing services because we believe in the power of small businesses. You should not have to break the bank to get your product and business off the ground.

Ready-To-Label – Minimum of 24 units per SKU

Private Label  – Minimum of 100 units per SKU

Lead Time

Our lead time clock starts when all materials (ingredients, packaging, labels, boxes, etc.) have arrived in house, bearing no natural disasters. 

Ready-To-Label: 2-6 weeks

Private Label: 4-6 weeks

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